What do Escorts charge in the United States?

I see you are out here trying to find information on how much the escorts charge on escort sites in the United States, did the missus abscond? I mean, I know it’s none of my freaking business but come on, let’s discuss it. Or perhaps you are just in the mood to catch some flings and whip your cock at the hoes coming for a dick transaction.


Well, I got you covered my friend, I will use this article to discuss the prices these escorts charge on different top escort sites in the states… so strap up and stick with me till the end.

Hoes want the Bag too

It’s all about the benjamins out here and it’s no different for these hoes as well—they want that dick and they also want that cash—cash makes the chick’s booty go round on the dick, make her ride you like the Kingda Ka rollercoaster.


The prices these escorts charge depend on various factors that include locations, quality, and class. I mean, a quality dick sucker and nut drainer from New York City will be more expensive than a mid-to-low range escort from Allentown. Leaving the locations aside, let’s discuss the price of these escorts on top escorts sites in the United States, using their price range as a factor.

Budget bags for budget hoes

I know a few reliable escort sites in the US that have escorts that can suck you dry and put their life on the line with some classic deepthroat which got them coughing like they made a trip to Chernobyl and ride you like you are the latest cast in the fast and furious franchise—all these for just a dime.


Listcrawler is one of the most reliable escort sites out there and you can find a proper quickie for as low as $80—some quick fuck to get your heads back in the game. But if you want them around for a standard package, then expect them to be around $200 to $300 per hour. Oh, an overnight fuck session might cost you up to $1500.

Premium cocksuckers recoil

Everything that has a cheap section must have a premium and expensive section and when it comes to the queens, it is not an exemption. Top escort sites with premium babes like Eros and Slixa have escorts listed on their platform that charge between $500 to $800 per hour of high-class sucking, grinding, and pumping. Overnight sessions with these chicks can cost up to $4000 and trust me, all you are going to be thinking of is heaven.


These Hoes cost an Arm, Leg, and a Dick

Everyone’s got their own comfortable budget and when it comes to something as important as this, you have to determine your range and not go way above how much you can spend. Well, of course, you can dream about fucking one or two bitches down in Miami with a glass of champagne in your hand and a Cuban cigar between your lips… and your cock in another lip, life’s good dude, life’s good! Enjoy your time!