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Top 5 Sexy Asian VR Porn Stars In 2023

porn is rapidly becoming the hottest new way to get off. Nothing quite replicates the experience of really getting hot and heavy with your favorite porn stars quite as well as VR porn. Combine the hottest Asian actresses with the best cosplay porn concepts and you’ve got one hot night ahead of you.

While all the girls putting out top VR cosplay porn today are certainly worth your attention, you do have to start somewhere. These five Asian VR porn stars are some of the hottest ladies you’ll see today, so choosing any one of them is sure to give you a great first time (or 50th time). If you haven’t heard of these girls already, you’ve been missing out and need to catch up pronto.

Jade Kush

Embrace the hotness that is Jade Kush, one of the hardest working girls in VR porn. No stranger to cosplay porn in particular, you can find this talented actress portraying characters from Kasumi from Dead or Alive to Akali from League of Legends.

Of course, she’s also skilled enough that you can’t miss her non-cosplay work either. Let her stunning looks and triple D breasts take you to the top over and over again with the best VR work from this 19-year-old newcomer. She’s sure to keep producing top-notch work that you won’t want to miss.

Polly Pons

The smoldering Thai beauty that never quits until you’re satisfied, Polly Pons deserves all the praise she gets and more. Always eager and energetic, Polly Pons is a marvel to behold in the nearly interactive environment of VR porn. Dress her up as a web-slinging comic book hero in “Silk: A XXX Parody” and you have the recipe for some of the most explosive cosplay porn to ever grace a VR headset.

You won’t be able to unplug until you’ve enjoyed this beauty’s assets at least a few times over. Thankfully, VR porn is always available when you’re ready to go, even at the oddest hours of the day or night.

Vina Sky

Do you like your porn stars not only petite, but practically tiny? Vina Sky certainly fits the bill at barely five feet tall and with eternally perky A-cups. With a few years of experience in porn under her belt, she shines in every VR scene with polish and elegance.

But it’s her heart-melting brown eyes that will draw you again and again. Of course, she’s no stranger to cosplay porn either. When this Vietnamese star takes a turn at acting as Mirko from My Hero Academia, you get it all, including:

       Long silky white hair

       Big bunny ears and a cute costume, accurate to the character’s design

       Scenic shots of the skyline to add to the grandeur

       Coy glances, giggles, and sighs that make you feel like you’re in on the action

       The hottest positions and angles to see this petite beauty take the biggest cocks.

Sharon Lee

Looking for a girl-next-door type that can still take an aggressive role in hot threesome action? Sharon Lee fits the bill, bringing a total package of thrills to the VR porn screen. You can’t guess from looking at her, but this stunner is right in the midst of MILF territory and has been in porn since 2009.

All that experience makes her one of the best experiences you could have in VR porn, especially in her well-known threesome scenes with other top Asian actresses. Try a feature with her and Mai Honda for a night you won’t soon forget.

Mai Honda

One of the only VR porn stars performing today native to Tokyo, Mai Honda cannot be missed. She brings an undeniable grace and charm to the VR headset whether she’s acting out a naughty neighbor fantasy or dressing up in the highest quality cosplay. Between her perfect proportions, creamy skin, and dark silky hair, she’s the Japanese girl of your dreams.

No need to travel around the world in hopes of love when Mai can come right to you thanks to the power of VR technology. There are plenty of features with this beauty in all sorts of compromising scenarios, including "Big Inside Japan".

Don’t let all these options overwhelm you. The only way to truly know which of these girls deserves the top position of all five is to sample their videos for yourself.

Of course, you may need to back and compare a few times to make sure you’re right. Who knows, you just might decide they’re all winners and find some new favorites along the way.