They film themselves having sex, then sell it

The porn industry offers many opportunities to make money. While some people made money by creating fantastic porn games, such as porn games on JerkDolls, other people make money by doing what they normally do anyway - having sex. Irina and Silvan have many followers that they have gained by selling their sexy shots online. This Spanish duo admits that they make money from their relationship, which helped them increase their income. In an exclusive story, they discovered the charms of their unusual job.


Irina, 35, stated that it was completely normal for her to share her videos on the Lustery amateur website and pointed out that sex is completely natural. She likes to practice it and share her sexuality with other people. Besides, all she is doing is having sex with her beloving partner. It is not like she is playing sex games with monsters.


The career of amateur porn stars helped this couple to explore their sexuality. They enjoy romantic moments together and always try to enjoy themselves. While some of their shots were taken in their bedroom and home, on some, they are also having fun in nature. Their companions constantly suggest them to try new things and to be ready to try new things.


- Sometimes, I like to play a role or do some fetish things. Playing with your feet, mild sadomasochism, and the like can be quite exciting - she pointed out, adding that it would be interesting for her and her partner to try something totally new for a change, such as playing Overwatch parody porn games.


This job brings them a certain income that they spend on some small luxury items and trips abroad during the holidays.


- We get money from what I do, and we treat ourselves from time to time. I like to save money and go on an unforgettable trip once a year - she explained.


Working on amateur porn videos is not for everyone, although this couple advises other people to try this too. Irina invited other couples to join them in this wonderful project and supported directors who want to show how pornography can overcome many prejudices.


You probably wonder why anyone would watch an amateur couple having sex when they can find so many breath-taking pornstars doing all kinds of crazy things on camera. Well, it is because even in porn, it is essential to convince viewers that what they are watching is the "right thing," that porn actresses are experiencing a series of orgasms, that the lucky ones meet sexy girls on the street, who agree to have sex with them, that porn is the best job and a world where you are even paid to have sex with beautiful women.


In the modern world, one can often say that the Internet was invented because of funny videos of kittens and - pornography. These two "categories" account for most of the world's internet traffic, and there is certainly no one who is not a fan of at least one of them.


According to some statistics, pornography accounts for 35 percent of total online downloads. It has more traffic than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined, and if someone wants to see all the amateur porn materials posted by users, it will take a full 68 years of viewing. It is not surprising, therefore, that the pornography industry is worth billions of dollars. Still, connoisseurs of the scene are asking in which direction the industry is moving.

The Future of Porn is Called SWAG

The future of porn is called SWAG, but we’ll forgive you if you never heard of

the site until today. In the world of adult content, like many facets of the

entertainment industry, ‘Eastern’ and ‘Western’ media rarely cross that great

invisible divide between these two conceptual areas. Whether this is due to

language or geography is a question best left for another time. What can be

said is this Taiwan-based adult website is on the verge of breaking onto the

global stage. Wildly ambitious? Yes. But perhaps also inevitable.

While the current climate of a global pandemic has pushed people to stay

inside more and more, adult camming and flix sites are thriving. Users can’t

get enough of the minute to minute updates, and content creators are

flocking to join the ranks of the modern, self-directed and independent porn

stars. Enter SWAG, which for the past four years has rapidly grown to

become Asia’s leading adult site, actively pushing back against even more

stigma than exists in say, North America and Europe. Now with over 2 billion

visits per month, and not a single pixelated genital in sight, SWAG and its

army of hot creators called Swaggers are ready to dominate your eyeballs.

SWAG’s uniqueness lies not only in its ability to cross a cultural divide. The

site itself is unique across the industry, seamlessly blending adult content

and social media in a way that will leave you hooked and happy. Not only

can members unlock videos and watch live streams, they can also view

‘stories’, send voice messages and chat in real time with Swaggers.

In an effort to spread some joy in these uncertain times, and to give you a

little taste of the future of porn, SWAG has released a sweet little easter egg

you won’t want to miss out on. Once you’ve signed up as a member for free,

click the SWAG logo on the homepage seven (7) times and you’ll unlock all

the videos on the site. This won’t last forever so make sure you jump on this

while it’s still available.

SWAG, you had us at nihao.

Family Guy Porn - Meg or Lois hottest character

Family Guy Porn - Meg or Lois hottest character

If you are a fan of something so much, you must have those moments when just watching and re-watching your favorite show is just not enough to get you by. In those moments, an insatiable need to quench your desires comes, and thank God quality cartoon porn exists because we would all be wandering around cluelessly.

Exploring the interesting cartoon porn world of Family Guy is an exciting job to do, and when something is done out of pleasure, it doesn't even feel like a job, it just comes naturally, and the gratification you get from enjoying these types of porn is immense. Try it, and you will see for yourself!

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Family Guy Meg Porn

Meg is one of the show's main characters, voiced by the lovely Mila Kunis, and even if Meg doesn't look so sexy in the cartoon show, that voice always gets you to remember how smoking hot Mila is, and closing your eyes and thinking about Meg's moans can get you a long way.

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Family Guy Lois porn

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