The Most Violent Hentai Toon Site in the World

Hello nasty perverts,

For those who don't know already, I'm trying to build the BIGGEST, MOST COMPLETE COLLECTION of porn comics featuring women in perilous situations. But what is a perilous situation? Well, this varies: it must either portray rape, snuff, kidnap, violent torture, being eaten by a giant snake, a frog, a spider, or even any unearthly monster, but can also just portray her being tied up without her consent, being spanked by some misdoing or just being hypnotized to undress or to have sex, among a ton of other possible situations. So this is the first rule for my collection: the girl/woman should not consent to the situation she presently is. 




And yeah, I have a lot of beautiful comic sets featuring consented bondage that I cannot upload to my blog just because of this rule alone. The works of Coax are a great example. Very beautiful bondage scenes, but where the female protagonist is "consenting" in most of them.

Ok, but there are already too many websites in that regard. Sites such as 8muses, e-hentai, erufus, allporncomic, myhentaigallery, etc., etc., etc.

No. Those sites are for hentai in general like Erofus and 8muses, others are very confusing user-uploaded sites like e-hentai, and others such as myhetaigallery are focused on Asian/Japanese stuff. Most of them feature consented, anthropomorphized animal characters, futanaris and gay stuff in between.

And that leads me to the second rule:


(*There can be gay situations as long the story focus - or at least some part of it - is on the straight ones, there can also be futas in the dominant roles, or even as victims as long as there are other female victims with vaginas present. It is also possible to have anthropomorphized females as long as they're very woman-like: all of these are case-by-case scenarios. For example, there's a story called "Lighter Chains" focusing on a male protagonist turned into a perfect female by magical means as a form of humiliation before enslavement. Despite "gender change" is something I prefer to avoid, this specific atypical story CAN be uploaded to my site in future).

Third is that my site is not just about comics. What about drawings and illustrations? Those can exist as well. Sample picture collections are also possible, although I'm focusing on pictures with stories firsthand.

But there are other cases. In the past when the internet was slow, porn videos weren't a common reality. (There were the low-quality mpeg samples that took 5 mins to download, though). So the TGP (thumbnail gallery post) sites were the norm for free porn sites and many porn producers invested a lot more in image gallery stories than video media. In most cases, there was a picture story for every video made by them and some gallery posts didn't even have a video correspondant. The same happened to old rape, forced sex, torture, and snuff sites such as "Anal Violated", "Rapesection", "Abused Witnesses", "Ravished Brides", "Sleepy Realm", "Necrobabes", "Severe Games", etc., etc., etc. Those sites are long gone and so to most of their content, so why am I referring to them now? Firstly, because I was a fan back then, and secondly, because luckily (and I reaffirm luckily) I found a user from this forum who got me most of their content, some of which is already uploaded to my site. It was like a trip back in memory lane. You can recover some residual parts of their content in Wayback Machine but only if you know the exact urls, but that shouldn't be a problem in the future: you'll have my site for that.

That leads us to the third rule:


So I present you: Misogyny XXX Comics. Are you looking for any Dofantasy, Quoom, DrawingPalace or BDSMArtwork set? Come here, we have most of them. PulpToon? We have it. Palcomix? We've got. HipComix superheroines in peril? Hum, hum. Monster Babe Central and Horror Babe Central? Those are our middle names. RenderErotica? Come and search for us. Are you looking for some BDSM artist you saw on DeviantArt with such great artwork? Come and find us, we'll maybe have it now or in the future. Some very obscure artist that published a couple of works and then disappeared? Come and search, we've got some of those too, maybe you can find it with us. Vintage stuff, magazines etc? We have a lot of that and we'll maybe have a lot more in the future. Some need to be translated first, that's why we haven't uploaded them still. Japanese weird stuff? We're trying our best to upload it all. Old websites' content? We're searching and uploading as we find it. If you have anything that's rare nowadays, please contact us. We're trying to find our best.

With almost 100.000 images uploaded in almost 2.000 posts in a total of almost 200 GB of disk space, we are barely scratching the surface of Misogyny Art. It took hours and money of searching through sites, buying collections or simply scrap them from other sites. Sometimes some help came and some good souls lend us their collections, but for the most part we had to scrap. But we still need your help. Maybe you have some rare content that is not easily found nowadays and probably we still don't have. You can contact us and tell us and you'll be deeply rewarded. Just come. PS: By the way, sorry for the ads but we need them to keep our collection live. So please bring us traffic. And everything is in English, which brings us to the fourth and last rule. Have you had that frustration before, of finding a preety good comic just to discover that the only versions available are in Korean, Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish, or Portuguese? Well, that won't happen in Misogyny Comics. At all. Here everything is and will be in English when with text, otherwise is textless. We are also trying our best to translate some comics before we upload them, because a TON of our owned material doesn't have a current English version. So:


You can go to the main page and scroll to the comics, use the search bar or try to find a specific author or collection in the list.

Just remember this site, whenever you feel in the need to torture.

Gentle Vanilla Sex or Dirty Sex?

Having sex is like eating chocolates, you can never have enough. Imagine you returning home after a hectic day at the job just to find your mate ready to surrender herself to please you with your most desired look. As you take a shower, she joins you to wash your stress away and ignites your hunger. What will you do?


The hunger for sexual pleasure is constant among everyone more or less including you and me. But everyone’s ‘type’ is unique and so are the kinks and fetishes. If your type is lovemaking sex, then you would probably take your girl to the bathtub and gently fuck her in Lotus position while looking into her eyes or drill her in missionary while biting her hard nipples. Both will have their own beauty and glamour, but what if you are the kinky god of sex? This is what can happen when you experiment with a variety of sexual kinks for mutual pleasure.



Kinky lovemaking

Being the oldest and by-default sex position missionary is always associated with lovemaking or passionate sex. And why would not it be? During sex contact of your bare body with your babe’s skin intensify the lust and pleasure. While banging her in missionary, you can hug her tightly and feel her stiff nipples rubbing against your muscular chest and suck her soft neck while pouring your last drop inside her warm and tight pussy.


However, this is more like a steamy erotic passionate fuck rather than the kinky one. so add kink to it and try choking your mate with one hand and slap her with the other. See how her face turns red, now ask her to count as you keep slapping her on the beat of each wild thrust. As you reach climax, hug her to death and smooch her deeply. It will potentially take both of you to reach a mutual climax.


Make it intense

if you are not into pulling out game, don't pull out your dick right after you cum. Stay that way with your partner for a while when you both are still connected. Look into each other's eyes, smell her sweat and natural aroma more closely, feel each other's heartbeat, and stay united a bit longer before you two get literally separated.


Dirty kinky sex

if you keep experimenting with various types of kinks, your sex life will be never running out of thrill. There are tons of kinks that you must try with regular sex, it will be both nasty and kinky at the same time. And girls love to be treated in a nasty slutty way when it comes to sex.



For instance, put a bigass dildo in her pussy and ask her to masturbate while you fuck her face violently. Let her beg you to go inside her pink pussy. then pull out and embed it to her anus as a surprise twist. The dildo is still inside her, remember? Now you are banging her from behind while choking her throat with one hand and twisting her nipple with another. Enjoy the view of your slut’s bouncing ass and the way she’s being devoured by you will definitely make you shiver and cum.


Make it intense

After orgasm pull the dick out and ask her to suck it gently to clean it up. From there it may lead to a second round, who knows!


Top 5 Sexy Asian VR Porn Stars In 2023

porn is rapidly becoming the hottest new way to get off. Nothing quite replicates the experience of really getting hot and heavy with your favorite porn stars quite as well as VR porn. Combine the hottest Asian actresses with the best cosplay porn concepts and you’ve got one hot night ahead of you.

While all the girls putting out top VR cosplay porn today are certainly worth your attention, you do have to start somewhere. These five Asian VR porn stars are some of the hottest ladies you’ll see today, so choosing any one of them is sure to give you a great first time (or 50th time). If you haven’t heard of these girls already, you’ve been missing out and need to catch up pronto.

Jade Kush

Embrace the hotness that is Jade Kush, one of the hardest working girls in VR porn. No stranger to cosplay porn in particular, you can find this talented actress portraying characters from Kasumi from Dead or Alive to Akali from League of Legends.

Of course, she’s also skilled enough that you can’t miss her non-cosplay work either. Let her stunning looks and triple D breasts take you to the top over and over again with the best VR work from this 19-year-old newcomer. She’s sure to keep producing top-notch work that you won’t want to miss.

Polly Pons

The smoldering Thai beauty that never quits until you’re satisfied, Polly Pons deserves all the praise she gets and more. Always eager and energetic, Polly Pons is a marvel to behold in the nearly interactive environment of VR porn. Dress her up as a web-slinging comic book hero in “Silk: A XXX Parody” and you have the recipe for some of the most explosive cosplay porn to ever grace a VR headset.

You won’t be able to unplug until you’ve enjoyed this beauty’s assets at least a few times over. Thankfully, VR porn is always available when you’re ready to go, even at the oddest hours of the day or night.

Vina Sky

Do you like your porn stars not only petite, but practically tiny? Vina Sky certainly fits the bill at barely five feet tall and with eternally perky A-cups. With a few years of experience in porn under her belt, she shines in every VR scene with polish and elegance.

But it’s her heart-melting brown eyes that will draw you again and again. Of course, she’s no stranger to cosplay porn either. When this Vietnamese star takes a turn at acting as Mirko from My Hero Academia, you get it all, including:

       Long silky white hair

       Big bunny ears and a cute costume, accurate to the character’s design

       Scenic shots of the skyline to add to the grandeur

       Coy glances, giggles, and sighs that make you feel like you’re in on the action

       The hottest positions and angles to see this petite beauty take the biggest cocks.

Sharon Lee

Looking for a girl-next-door type that can still take an aggressive role in hot threesome action? Sharon Lee fits the bill, bringing a total package of thrills to the VR porn screen. You can’t guess from looking at her, but this stunner is right in the midst of MILF territory and has been in porn since 2009.

All that experience makes her one of the best experiences you could have in VR porn, especially in her well-known threesome scenes with other top Asian actresses. Try a feature with her and Mai Honda for a night you won’t soon forget.

Mai Honda

One of the only VR porn stars performing today native to Tokyo, Mai Honda cannot be missed. She brings an undeniable grace and charm to the VR headset whether she’s acting out a naughty neighbor fantasy or dressing up in the highest quality cosplay. Between her perfect proportions, creamy skin, and dark silky hair, she’s the Japanese girl of your dreams.

No need to travel around the world in hopes of love when Mai can come right to you thanks to the power of VR technology. There are plenty of features with this beauty in all sorts of compromising scenarios, including "Big Inside Japan".

Don’t let all these options overwhelm you. The only way to truly know which of these girls deserves the top position of all five is to sample their videos for yourself.

Of course, you may need to back and compare a few times to make sure you’re right. Who knows, you just might decide they’re all winners and find some new favorites along the way.

A Brief History of Pics of Nude Women

Nude women's pictures have been around for eons and eons - from the pre-Raphaelite period to the modern era. The erotic and sexual connotations of the human figure have been captured in artworks all throughout history.

Nude women were quite often featured in classical paintings by renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Titian, and Dürer, to name a few. These paintings, as well as a plethora of sculptures, engravings, and photographs, oftentimes showcased the nude feminine form in a way that accentuated its natural beauty. The art showcased the body as a mysterious and sensual figure, inspiring the viewer to contemplate both its sublime and earthly qualities as well.

In Recent Times:

In more recent times, nude women have been featured in a widevariety of different genres of art, from fine art to more titulating pin-up art. While the themes are sometimes quite different from one another, the intention is still the same – to showcase the beauty of the female form. From the art of the classic pin-ups, to the photography of contemporary photographers, like those of Helmut Newton and the late Irving Penn for example, nude women have been the focus of erotic, provocative and sensual works of art.

We see the trend of nude women in art continuing to this day, with many contemporary artists focusing their work on body positivity and female empowerment. These works strive to capture all of the complexities of the female body, with the idea of displaying that every woman is beautiful. These works are often far more than just being erotic, they have a deeper meaning – they show that women should be seen as more than just objects of man's lustful desire, which can be better viewed on a XXX porn pics site.

The contrast between classic and contemporary nude women's photos highlights the changing perception of the female body throughout the centuries. Art has always had the power to craft our ideas and beliefs about the world around us, and pics of nude women are no exception to the rule. While the ultimate goal is to create something inherently beautiful, the works can also be seen as a statement about society's views of the female body itself.

In Conclusion:

Ultimately, nude women's pics are about celebrating the beauty of the female form. Whether this is in classical or contemporary art you can see Blow Job Gif, such works of art demonstrate the amazing human body, and the way the female form can be captured, in both a way that is provocative as well as full of sensuality. By showing the beauty of the female body, nude women's pics ensure that the female form is seen for all it is worth – with recognition and respect.


These Unmissable New Pornstars & Cam Girls Are Making Everyone Cum!

As much as adult entertainment is so fun, it can become pretty damn difficult to keep up with all the new faces, kinks, talent, and debauchery being thrust into our faces every week. The dynamic nature of the industry means there’s also something new for us to pump our dicks to.


It’s no secret that the porn and live sex cams industry are a shit load of fun to work in, so there’s no shortage of newcomers to the scene who are keen to show off their wild sexual talents across millions of computer and TV screens worldwide.


Today, we will show you some of the girls making waves in the industry who you simply can’t afford to miss if you class yourself as a bona fide orgasm enthusiast!

Siya Jay

Honk honk! The milk truck has arrived! Siya Jay has been blessed with some of the finest mammary glands ever seen (not to mention a stunning set of cock-sucking lips).


Luckily for us, this blonde and breedable whore has thrown herself into the porn and sex cams industry to let us see those fat milkers get sucked on and engulf cocks in iconic tit wanks!

MJ Fresh


She might have a stage name like an early Noughties rapper, but MJ Fresh is one of the baddest bitches to hit the porn scene in recent years. This raven-haired seductress makes your dick throb with her 34DD tits that are just begging to be covered in baby oil and worshipped.


Oh, and if you like your porn with a little added storyline but don’t want to read Hentai and be called a Weeb, MJ Fresh has an extensive acting background that she loves to roll out when performing in porn flicks!

Asia Rae

One of the hottest new ebony porn sluts on the scene has to be Asia Rae. This petite black whore with gorgeous perky tits looks sweet and innocent but is down to do some of the nastiest shit imaginable on camera. If you love black girls, you can’t afford to miss this ebony porn tour de force!

Azul Hermosa

With a pornstar name that sounds like something between a Lord of the Rings character from Mordor and a grandma from South Central LA, Azul never fails to surprise her viewers with her debauched sexual antics on screen. One look into this alluring slut’s eyes, and you know she’s a pure-bred nymphomaniac.


Azul started the porn industry later in life and is firmly in the MILF category. But don’t let her age put you off; this girl can ride cock better than any 18-year-old pornstar, and she sure has a few wild tricks up her sticky sleeve!

Who Will be Next to Join the Porn and Cams Industry?

As more women see the benefits of getting fucked senseless in exchange for hefty salaries, the number of women flocking to porn producers and adult webcam sites like PDCams will continue to grow, just like my cock as I continue to delve deeper into the ever-growing range of new pornstars and sex cam models!

Top 5 Most Enjoyable Activities on Cam Sites

Cam sites offer a unique and engaging form of adult entertainment, allowing users to explore their fantasies and interact with performers in real time. With a wide array of activities available, it can take time to figure out where to start. To help you make the most of your adult live cam experience, we've compiled a list of the top 5 enjoyable things to do on a cam site.

Participate in Interactive Chat Rooms

One of the cam sites' most enjoyable aspects is engaging with performers and other users through interactive chat rooms. By participating in these conversations, you can:

  • Share your interests and desires with the performer.
  • Request specific acts or attire to tailor the performance to your preferences.
  • Connect with fellow viewers who share your interests and create a sense of community.

Explore Niche Categories and Fetishes

Cam sites offer various categories and niches, catering to different preferences and desires. Exploring these options can lead to exciting new experiences and discovering unique performers who share your interests. Some popular niches to explore include:

  • BDSM and kink.
  • Roleplay and cosplay.
  • Voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Enjoy Private Shows

For a more intimate and personalized webcam experience, consider indulging in a private show with your favorite performer. Private shows offer one-on-one interaction, allowing you to:

  • Request specific acts and experiences that cater to your unique desires.
  • Develop a deeper connection with the performer by engaging in more personal conversations.
  • Enjoy an exclusive performance tailored to your preferences without distractions from other viewers.

Use Interactive Toys and Features

Many cam sites offer interactive toys and features that allow you to take your experience to the next level. These options can include the following:

  • Tip-controlled toys let you control the performer's pleasure and intensity by tipping them.
  • Cam-to-cam features enable you to share your webcam feed with the performer for a more interactive experience.
  • Virtual reality compatibility allows you to immerse yourself in the performance using VR headsets.

Attend Themed Events and Parties

Cam sites often host themed events and parties featuring special performances and activities around specific themes or occasions. These events can offer a fun and engaging way to enjoy your cam site experience as you can:

  • Discover unique performances and shows tailored to the theme.
  • Connect with other viewers who share your interests in the themed chat rooms.
  • Enjoy special promotions, discounts, or giveaways during the event.


Cam sites offer many enjoyable activities and experiences, allowing you to customize your adult entertainment journey to suit your preferences and desires. By participating in chat rooms with nude cam girls, exploring niche categories, enjoying private shows, using interactive toys, and attending themed events, you can make the most of your cam site experience and create lasting memories. Embrace the world of live camming and discover the endless possibilities it has to offer.

How to role play during sex 

Role-playing in the bedroom may elicit laughter as an initial response, but despite what some pornography depicts, it can be a fascinating and absurd experience. This peculiarity actually contributes to why role-playing can be so relaxing. In an era where self-love and self-care are emphasized, indulging in sexual role-play can be a liberating break from the norm. Additionally, role-play can be utilized to explore Bondage/Discipline, Domination/Submission, Sadism, and Masochism (BDSM).

Engaging in sexual role-playing can vary from simple dirty talk to enacting graphic scenarios. Regardless of the path you choose, it's important to know that it's okay to feel nervous or even laugh. Take a break if needed and re-enter the scene when you're ready. If you anticipate engaging in immersive play, consider establishing a safe word to communicate any discomfort and needs without breaking character.

Moan a lot during sex. 

Moaning serves as a way to communicate to your partner that they are pleasuring you. Engaging in sexual activity involves using all your physical senses Teen Porn Pics, including your unique personal senses, which should not be suppressed. It's important to create pleasurable vibrations through moaning to ensure that your partner is engaged and not distracted by any extraneous thoughts.

How do Masturbate in front of each other

Moaning serves as a way to communicate to your partner that they are pleasuring you. Engaging in sexual activity involves using all your physical senses, including your unique personal senses, which should not be suppressed. It's important to create pleasurable vibrations through moaning to ensure that your partner is engaged and not distracted by any extraneous thoughts.

Suck each other's non-sexual body parts.

This one may feel strange at first by seeing porno pics, but having the tips of your feet, knuckles, ears, and forehead sucked tickles and it creates and nice feeling inside.

Wild sex

Rough sex is difficult to define since the behavior can range from hard embracing to using BDSM. Rough sexuality, overall, refers to a sexual relationship that involves a certain kind of violent conduct. There is frequently some enjoyable pain that is involved, quick and energetic motion. 

A need for rough sex has become natural and widespread. Numerous individuals have BDSM figments or have dabbled in some kind of BDSM playing.

Communication is always a vital component of proper and secure sex, but it can be during rough sex. It is effortless to become "caught up in the edition," so it is an excellent plan to talk about boundaries ahead of time in Porno Pics. You ought to consider creating a safe word to guarantee that anyone can halt the action of teen interracial porn at any moment.

Telling your desires to your partner can be stimulating and can enhance sexual experiences before and during intimacy. Utilizing dirty talk can be an effective way to push boundaries and invite your partner into the depths of your fantasies.

Erotic Stories do the Job

If you really like watching porn then you have more than enough sites to get it, but you’re missing out on a much more erotic experience that you could start having right now. If you want to have an adult experience that really satisfies you and makes you want to keep going back for more, then you really have to check out a good list of erotic story sites instead. These are sites where anyone can share their erotic stories for other people to read. Since the users of the sites are uploading them, you’re always going to have plenty of them to read. There are also people that like to post long storylines over multiple stories that you can follow along with. They’re as hot as you can imagine and that’s because they’re just coming from the people who enjoy writing them. You can find both real and fictional stories and read them as often as you want. The sites are free to use, and you’ll just need an account if you want to share your own. It’s one more way of enjoying your porn and you get to use your imagination to visualize it all.

Story Sites for Different Niches

The best thing about these sites is the fact that you can find story sites that have specific types of stories for you to read. That’s because people like to read the stories they know will get them off, and it doesn’t matter if they’re men or women. Everyone enjoys reading them, and you can always post your own. One of the best ones you can find is Solo Touch. This is an entire erotic stories site that only has stories about masturbation. You can read real stories about men masturbating with women, men masturbating with other men, and men masturbating alone. You can also read firsthand accounts of women masturbating alone, women masturbating with other women, and women masturbating with men. You can also check out Sex Stories if you want to read erotic stories that include rule 34 as well as taboo sex. There’s even a Reddit Gone Wild that lets you read stories about filthy things that people have done. There’s no telling how hot the action is going to get until you start reading, and you’re never going to want to stop until you get to the end of each one.

Write your Own

You can also write your own erotic stories and share them with people from all around the world. There’s always someone who’s going to want to read them and you’re going to have lots of people telling you how much they like them. Just let your imagination run wild or tell a real story about something that actually happened to you. It’s totally up to you, but it’s always going to be a lot of fun and you’re going to keep coming back to share more and see what everyone else has been up to.

The Ins and Outs of Hiring an Escort

Escorts are a popular and highly sought-after service, with an estimated 10 million people worldwide spending $13 billion annually. The average escort charges around $200 for her services and is said only to work about four hours in a session. There are many types of escorts, from freelance independent agents who can offer their time as they please to escorts hired by agencies or corporations with pre-arranged appointments.

The latter type of escort can earn up to six figures per year if they are based in major cities such as New York City, Paris, and London. Escorts Classifieds is the best place to find and hire Classifieds Jacksonville escorts for any special occasion or event. You will get your first meeting with a Call girl to discuss further business details and decide if you want her to accompany you to your chosen event.

In Jacksonville, Florida, most people have a dream girl or boy that they would love to get involved with in their daily lives. It has been proved that sex is always better if it involves someone you want instead of just anyone.

Reasons for escort

There are many reasons why a man may choose to use escort services. With the business of life getting so stressful and hectic these days, it is nice to have a friend in your corner when you need one. If you are traveling for work or business, it is nice to have a pretty woman by your side during those times when you feel lonely or just want someone to be with you for companionship. When on vacation, having an attractive woman on your arm can be nice as you tour the places of interest and take in the local culture.

Sexy escorts not only relieve stress but also alleviate loneliness. It is easy to connect with a sexy escort who looks elegant and well-educated.

How to find the perfect escort in Jacksonville?

You can find Jacksonville escorts by browsing various websites and finding escorts suitable for you. You can also use the search function on certain classified sites.

Escorts in Jacksonville Escorts in San Diego Escorts in Honolulu Flirty escorts in New York City Escort service in Chicago Indian escort girls Escort service in Dubai Indian escort girls Most popular sex workers

If you want to look attractive, use the call girls' services to get your way. These girls from Escorts Classifieds will also satisfy you in bed. Please do take note while, in the company of an escort, you are expected to behave like a gentleman and treat her like a lady. This will result in you having an enjoyable but fulfilling session with an eastern escort within your budget and schedule.

Escort girls from Jacksonville Escorts will fulfill your wildest fantasies. Their services will be tailored to your needs. So feel free to choose any of these girls and have a memorable time with them while in Jacksonville.

While escort services are legal in some countries and states, it is important to note that there are also places where it is considered illegal. Therefore, checking the legality of the services in your area before engaging in any activity is important.

It is also important to note that escort services should always be conducted with consent and mutual respect. It is unacceptable to force anyone into such services or engage in coercion or abuse. It is important to treat escorts with respect and dignity as you would with any other person.

In addition, it is important to practice safe sex and take necessary precautions to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or unwanted pregnancies. Escorts may also have their safety concerns, so it is important to be aware of their boundaries and respect


In conclusion, while escort services can provide companionship and pleasure, engaging in such services with caution, mutual respect, and safety in mind is important. It is always best to research and seek reputable and trustworthy services to ensure a positive and safe experience. 

Wie du mit Adultforce Affiliate Marketing deine Webseite monetarisierst

Zahlreiche Webseitenbetreiber profitieren von sogenanntem Affiliate Marketing – und das komplett branchenunabhängig. Auch in der Erotikbranche nutzen viele Webmaster die Partnerprogramme, um ihre Internetseiten zu Einkommensquellen zu machen. Du möchtest auch durchstarten und durch einen starken Partner deine Webpräsenz dafür nutzen, um die Urlaubskasse aufzubessern? Dann solltest du diesen Beitrag aufmerksam lesen, denn hier erfährst du, wie du deine Webseite problemlos monetarisieren kannst und am Ende ein passives Einkommen generierst, während du dich schon um deine nächsten Projekte kümmerst. Salopp gesagt handelt es sich dabei schlichtweg um Link-Marketing. Das bedeutet, du fügst auf deiner Webseite innerhalb der Texte Links hinzu, über die die Leser dann auf einer anderen Webseite landen. Du stellst mit deiner Internetseite sozusagen eine Werbefläche zur Verfügung und auf der anderen Seite gibt es die Zielseite, auf der Produkte angeboten werden. Das gibt es auch für die Erotikindustrie?

Auch in der Erotikbranche gibt es diese Form des Marketings, bei der renommierte Unternehmen wie MyDirtyHobby mit Webmastern kooperieren. Aber keine Panik, du musst nicht selbst an die Türe der Chefetage klopfen, um dich für so ein Partnerprogramm vorzustellen. Dafür gibt es das Programm von Adultforce Affiliate , einer Vermittlungsagentur, die Unternehmen und Webseitentreiber zusammenführt. Das Unternehmen agiert als Schnittstelle zwischen dir und den Anbietern – wodurch dein Anliegen auf professioneller und seriöser Ebene bearbeitet wird. Die einzige Grundlage, die du dafür erfüllen musst: Du solltest eine Webseite betreiben, die sich ebenfalls mit erotischen Themen beschäftigt und nicht unbedingt einen Blog über Teeservice führen. Vorteilhaft ist es auch, wenn du mit deiner Internetpräsenz regelmäßige Besucherzahlen verzeichnest. Denn je mehr Menschen über deine Webseite beim Anbieter landen, desto höher fällt auch deine Provision aus. Es sollte somit auch in deinem Interesse liegen, für deine eigene Seite zu werben, um möglichst viele Menschen auf deine Website zu lotsen. So funktioniert Affiliate Marketing über Adultforce

Du benötigst eine Webseite, die sich selbst mit erotischem Content beschäftigt. Dafür reicht es schon, wenn du einen Ratgeber rund um Sexualität führst – es muss sich nicht um eine Seite handeln, auf der heißer Content zu finden ist. Adultforce präsentiert dir dann Partnerseiten, mit denen du in Zukunft zusammenarbeiten kannst. Wichtig ist es dabei, dass sich deine Webseite und die Zielseite einigermaßen decken und sich nicht zu weit voneinander unterscheiden. Nun erhältst du die Möglichkeit, über Banner oder Links Werbung zu schalten, die auf die Zielseite lenken. Dabei stehen dir verschiedene Provisionsmodelle zur Verfügung, mit denen gemeinsam mit anderen Partnern verdienst oder bei denen du mit deinem Marketing auf dich allein gestellt bist.