How to Start a Porn Site in 2022?

The Internet has millions of porn websites, and the numbers are growing yearly. Many of our readers might be shocked to know that nearly 50% of the content online is porn material. It means there is a huge room for success if someone has planned to start a porn site.

However, completing this task isn’t easy unless you know a few crucial steps. In this post, we will explain the complete process of how to start a porn site in 2022 with proper explanation. Go through the article and take the first step toward success now!

1.    Choose a Niche

If you want to succeed in the porn business, the ideal thing to do is select a particular niche instead of making an all-around platform. There are plenty of sub-niches loved by the audience these days.


It includes OnlyFans leaks, BDSM, gay, and many more. Do your research and choose a niche with low competition and a demanding audience.


2.    Choosing an Erotic Domain Name

Always for a unique domain name that becomes an instant hit on the Internet. Never make the mistake of mirroring a popular platform's domain name as it won’t be of any use in the long run.


Try to find a domain name according to the niche of your porn site. For example, you can go for while creating an OnlyFans leaks site.


3.    Selecting a Web Hosting

Once you have finalized the domain name, there is a need for quality web hosting to run the platform. It isn’t easier to find a company that accepts porn material.


However, few names in the market offer reliable services to porn sites. It includes M3Server, TMD Hosting, and HawkHost, known for serving their adult customers well.


4.    Setting Up Porn Site

The best option for setting porn website is WordPress with whom one can create endless opportunities. Whether you choose a cam site or porn platform, the chances of making endless money are certainly possible.


Always try adding quality plug-ins to the site to make it attractive and convenient for the users. It will be very beneficial in the long run in terms of profits.


5.    Adding Content

Once the site setting is completed, you must add content related to its niche. Instead of creating your material, populate content from well-known sites for sites.


It is legal to use the content of RedTube, XHamster, and other similar sites as long as their banner shows at the bottom of the video.


6.    Advertisement

After adding the right level of content, the next thing needed to be done is advertising your site on the Internet. Think about featuring it on sites like to boost traffic and generate revenue.


Also, you can think about using advertising networks that have helped many sites succeed.


We believe everyone now understands how to create a porn site in 2022 with minimal effort. You only have to implement the steps mentioned in this post rightfully, and the result will surely go in your favor. 

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