These Unmissable New Pornstars & Cam Girls Are Making Everyone Cum!

As much as adult entertainment is so fun, it can become pretty damn difficult to keep up with all the new faces, kinks, talent, and debauchery being thrust into our faces every week. The dynamic nature of the industry means there’s also something new for us to pump our dicks to.


It’s no secret that the porn and live sex cams industry are a shit load of fun to work in, so there’s no shortage of newcomers to the scene who are keen to show off their wild sexual talents across millions of computer and TV screens worldwide.


Today, we will show you some of the girls making waves in the industry who you simply can’t afford to miss if you class yourself as a bona fide orgasm enthusiast!

Siya Jay

Honk honk! The milk truck has arrived! Siya Jay has been blessed with some of the finest mammary glands ever seen (not to mention a stunning set of cock-sucking lips).


Luckily for us, this blonde and breedable whore has thrown herself into the porn and sex cams industry to let us see those fat milkers get sucked on and engulf cocks in iconic tit wanks!

MJ Fresh


She might have a stage name like an early Noughties rapper, but MJ Fresh is one of the baddest bitches to hit the porn scene in recent years. This raven-haired seductress makes your dick throb with her 34DD tits that are just begging to be covered in baby oil and worshipped.


Oh, and if you like your porn with a little added storyline but don’t want to read Hentai and be called a Weeb, MJ Fresh has an extensive acting background that she loves to roll out when performing in porn flicks!

Asia Rae

One of the hottest new ebony porn sluts on the scene has to be Asia Rae. This petite black whore with gorgeous perky tits looks sweet and innocent but is down to do some of the nastiest shit imaginable on camera. If you love black girls, you can’t afford to miss this ebony porn tour de force!

Azul Hermosa

With a pornstar name that sounds like something between a Lord of the Rings character from Mordor and a grandma from South Central LA, Azul never fails to surprise her viewers with her debauched sexual antics on screen. One look into this alluring slut’s eyes, and you know she’s a pure-bred nymphomaniac.


Azul started the porn industry later in life and is firmly in the MILF category. But don’t let her age put you off; this girl can ride cock better than any 18-year-old pornstar, and she sure has a few wild tricks up her sticky sleeve!

Who Will be Next to Join the Porn and Cams Industry?

As more women see the benefits of getting fucked senseless in exchange for hefty salaries, the number of women flocking to porn producers and adult webcam sites like PDCams will continue to grow, just like my cock as I continue to delve deeper into the ever-growing range of new pornstars and sex cam models!